Eco-friendly.  All weather resistant.  For Indoors or Outdoors.

Distinction in Timeless Design

Our TierreVerde™ collection of unbreakable planters is engineered for incredibly tough all-season durability. Eco-Innovation through the use of recycled rubber material, distinction in timeless design silhouettes, and unmatched durability are the hallmarks of this lifestyle oriented planter brand.


Discover small and large formats to further extend your planter decorating projects indoors and outdoors.


Every gorgeous TierraVerde planter is made from recycled material.  Rubber from car and truck tires diverted from landfill is transformed into a new, functional, durable and long-lasting product:  the TierraVerde planter.


The TierraVerde collection of recycled rubber planters are engineered for all-weather durability, timeless design and offer a myriad of silhouettes to coordinate with your outdoor living spaces.


Crescendo collection of TierraVerde urns are made of recycled rubber, which makes them unbreakable and incredibly durable.  All-weather resistant to -40 in cold seasons, these urns are ideal for winter containers and holiday containers.  Crescendo urn planters continue to look unweathered and beautiful throughout the warm months.

Each urn planter comes with an integrated water reservoir.