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Our TierraVerde™ collection of unbreakable planters is engineered for incredibly tough all-season durability. Eco-Innovation through the use of recycled rubber material, distinction in timeless design silhouettes, and unmatched durability are the hallmarks of this planter brand.

Five Brand Promises of TierraVerde™

  1.  Unbreakable:  Incredibly tough material won’t crack or break.

  2.  All-Weather resistant:  Tested to endure temperatures from -40 to +40, in rain, snow or summer   heat!

  3.  Eco-friendly:  Made with recycled rubber from car and truck tires diverted from landfill.

  4.  Water reservoir controls moisture exposure of the roots, which can help in preventing root rot.

  5.  Indoor or Outdoor Use:  comes with a drainage plug for use indoors, to protect floors.

SIGNATURE Collection

Our Signature Collection of
TierraVerde™ planters includes the best selling Sonata and Symphony families with their tapered angled profiles, a classic decorative piece for any outdoor living space.

Contemporary silhouettes in the round Concerto and Aria families, as well as the cubic modern styling of Citadel family round out our most successful designs.


Premium TierraVerde™ planters offer a larger footprint for grand spaces, or a special feature that sets it above our Signature Collection.

Look for decorative additions such as emblems on the estate-sized Piazza, or pedestal feet on Empire and Regal.


TierraVerde™ extends beyond outdoor decorating with smaller format planters for tabletop or wall-hanging. Easily affixed to fencing or brickworks, hanging planters can be used indoors for drywall. 

Simply ensure that the drainage plug is in place for indoor use.

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